Dalai Lama Fellows

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The Journey

The Ethical Leadership Assembly


Every June, Fellows convene for a weeklong assembly where distinguished faculty lead curriculum modules to prepare them for the challenging work ahead and where lasting bonds are formed with other Fellows, staff, and Elder experts.

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Heart, Head, and Hands

Fellowship Year

During the year, Fellows participate in a unique, contemplative leadership curriculum and engage with Program Directors, each other, and subject matter experts to support and augment their work in the field and push their development as compassionate, ethical leaders.

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The Return

Following Summer

At the end of the Fellowship year, Fellow return to the Ethical Leadership Assembly to share their work-to-date and lessons learned with the broader Dalai Lama Fellows community, including current and past Fellows, staff, and stakeholders.

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A Lifelong Commitment


The Fellowship Year is not a discrete, one-time experience. Rather we hope it acts as launchpad from which our Fellows emerge even more deeply committed to global service and from which collaborative initiatives between Fellows of all cohorts spring up to continue impacting The Four Global Challenges.

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