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Our Fellowship offers emerging leaders a rigorous, interdisciplinary program on ways to be a different kind of leader, a leader that connects and cares for self, extends genuine compassion to others, and works for our common humanity. Fellows cultivate practices in mind training for increasing self-awareness, self-care and resilience, for connecting with others and working across differences, and in building solutions for generations to come. Over the course of a year, with the support of mentors and coaches, each Fellow designs and implements an original Field Project addressing a global challenge.  Upon graduation, Fellows join a LifeLong Community, where they connect with and support each other while continuing to advance their leadership journeys.

To date we have awarded 152 Fellowships.

 2015 Dalai Lama Fellows

2015 Dalai Lama Fellows

A Global Leadership Curriculum

Collaborating with experts from around the globe from Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama's translator and renowned author, to Marshall Ganz from the Harvard Kennedy School, over the last six years, we have created a distinctive, immersive leadership curriculum which builds a skill-set, complementary to the cognitive and commercial education that Fellows typically acquire in school.  Our Head, Heart and Hands curriculum has three main components:

  • Head - Training the mind, exploring inner values, cultivating practices to enhance self awareness

  • Heart - Harnessing the intelligence of the heart, deepening compassion, practices for working across differences

  • Hands - Acting now, in community, to benefit the world, building unexpected relationships and leading with the mindset of interdependence

Representing the World’s Diversity

 Fellows from Ghana, Israel and Canada at the 2014 Convening

Fellows from Ghana, Israel and Canada at the 2014 Convening

The 152 Dalai Lama Fellows hail from 40 countries and have implemented original Field Projects in 43 countries around the world. More than half of the Dalai Lama Fellows are women. 

The Global Assembly

 Fellows at the 2015 Assembly

Fellows at the 2015 Assembly

Fellows  attend a week-long Global Assembly, where they will have the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness practices and learn new perspectives on leadership and social change. By engaging in workshops and dialogues throughout the week and sharing stories and experiences from diverse cultural backgrounds, Fellows leave the Assembly with lifelong friendships and a reimagined sense of leadership in our global world.

A LifeLong Commitment

 Tim Huang, 2013 Dalai Lama Fellow, Stanford University is working with the King of Bhutan to promote Ethical Leadership in primary schools.

Tim Huang, 2013 Dalai Lama Fellow, Stanford University is working with the King of Bhutan to promote Ethical Leadership in primary schools.

The Dalai Lama Fellowship is not a one-year experience. It is a LifeLong commitment to becoming skilled in Reimagining Leadership and advancing the movement to build a world that works for all of us and for generations to come






Fellowship Impact

 Dejoie Sylvain, 2017 Dalai Lama Fellow

Dejoie Sylvain, 2017 Dalai Lama Fellow

"I needed to come into this Fellowship. I had no idea about seeing leadership in this way. Previously I did things according to how I felt, but not really using discernment. I was guided by my emotions and passion and not by my inner wisdom. The truth is, most millennials who are into social change like me are searching for the same thing. We are all seeking meaning and purpose of our lives and we desperately want to find it. Therefore, we never cease trying so many things hoping that through many trials we will get to see what it is that resonates with our passion and talents. However, I now understand that we must find balance in life, because without it, we end up doing many things ineffectively and so, we are neither making an impact nor discovering ourselves. My priorities now are to serve with the best of my soul and my commitment.  I ask myself, "How is that state of being impacting the work that I'm committed to?" I have learned to identify whether my decision is based on my emotions or if it is coming from the point of wisdom, which is the prerequisite to succeed in leadership. I believe there is a sense of urgency that many young leaders should have this understanding as I do now”. Dejoie Sylvain , Ashesi University

FELLOWS ADDRESS our Most Pressing global Challenges



2019 fellowship information

2019 Fellowship Timeline

  • February 3, 2019: Application Deadline

  • April 2019: Fellows Selected

  • May 2019: Fellows Virtual Onboarding

  • June 2019: Five Day Global Assembly at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • July 2019-May 2020: Virtual Head, Heart, Hands Curriculum, Monthly Coaching, and Group Learning

  • June 2020: Fellows attend Global Assembly and graduate into LifeLong Fellows global leadership and learning community


We will hold virtual sessions every month to answer any questions prospective applicants may have. We invite all interested candidates to RSVP to one of these virtual sessions.

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