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See what Fellows learned and accomplished, and the advice they would like to share with you.


Derick Omari

Tech Era is an IT literacy program that teaches underprivileged children to develop basic computing skills in order to give them hope and potential to transform their community and not only themselves, increase their chances of employment and also leap to be part of the world.


Yania Escobar

Programa Bienestar focuses on well-being and healing and making related practices accessible to marginalized communities in the Bay Area. Beinestar provides a space for people to share their stories, restore, and build community.


Sarah Richmond

Bloom is a community centered project that works with local businesses to create youth mentoring and internship programs. The project seeks to create a collaborative definition of gentrification that reflects the varying effects it has on different sectors of the community, and aims to make the resources of urban growth more universally accessible.


Matthew Silberman

Humans of Princeton brings together students and campus service workers (such as dining staff and janitors) to participate in a series of workshops that develop skills in storytelling, deep listening, and compassion.


Best Uchehara

Insight Initiative is a student-led volunteer organization in the West End Community of Atlanta, GA that provides support through tutoring and mentor programs and cultivating interdependent and supportive relationships.