We all share a vision for our common humanity, but somehow we’ve overemphasized profit, growth and organizational metrics over inner and outer peace and connection to others and the world.  Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030, and they are asking for new ways of leading that can benefit all of us and our planet. 

At Dalai Lama Fellows, we seek to broaden and deepen leaders’ perspectives on what’s best for humanity as a whole and for generations to come, calling on leaders to think and behave differently, and to seek realistic, innovative and expansive ways to address global challenges.  

what does reimagined leadership look like?

There are many leadership models that prescribe new ways of leading, such as Adaptive Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Transformative Leadership. We do not intend to create another leadership model.  Instead, we provide leaders the skills and practices to lead in any circumstance using their Head, Heart and Hands and their inner values.  

Leaders embody and cultivate positive values. Leadership begins with the self. Exemplary leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Malala and the Dalai Lama cultivate strong personal practices to maintain their connection to themselves and others. The Dalai Lama advocates for mind training, and practices daily, despite a heavy travel schedule.  We believe a strong foundation in practices that cultivate awareness and are rooted in a genuine compassion for the self and others is necessary to embody one's values.

Leaders work for the benefit of our common humanity. Every person in a position of leadership, regardless of sector, must realize how his or her actions impact communities and societies, both directly and indirectly.  Leaders must have the integrity, courage, humility, ambition and resilience to stand up to and take accountability for violence, corruption, abuse, inequity, bias and indifference. Leaders must connect deeply across perceived differences and come together as one human family. 

Leaders build solutions now for a better future.  Leaders can reinvent the future, heal our planet and ensure our survival. Leaders must develop their abilities to understand the bigger picture and think long-term. Only by taking the long view will leaders be able to discern the best course of action now towards achieving that better future. The Reimagined Leader is one who leads in community, working for the benefit of generations to come.